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Watch these short videos to see first hand what floating is! glowspa is home to Charleston and South Carolina's first and only float tanks! While this therapy is "new" to many here in the South it's actually been around since the 60's and is gaining popularity throughout the United States and abroad!

What is floating? Besides AWESOME! Watch this glowspa short (VIDEO) for a brief explanation of what to expect when you come in for your first float!

Steph Curry & Harrison Barnes talk floating! While we don't have pods like those pictured in this video, we do have comfortable float rooms that are 4 ft wide, 8 ft long and 8 ft tall! With more room to stand and stretch out most find our larger rooms less intimidating.

glowspa is a proud sponsor of local MMA fighter Derrick Kennington, who uses the float tanks on a regular basis as a means of preparation for his fights. Using the float tanks to visualize can be very effective, while floating you're stimulating your Theta state. Theta is the state of mind where it is believed you can create everything and change reality instantly.

Superbowl Champ Tom Brady and his team used floating for recovery and preparation for the big game this year. Here are 8 things to Know About Tom Brady's Favorite Self-Care Ritual

The Patriots aren't the only champs to benefit from floating, the Chicago Cubs were the 2016 World Series Champions. After installing float tanks in their new clubhouse in 2016 some wonder if after 108 years it was floating that made the difference! Watch this (video) here as Anthony Rizzo accounts for what floating is like. "You really just float. It feels really weird at first. It's good for your body. When you get up, it's crazy. Your body is such dead weight.” The pod is just one of many new amenities available to players and coaches for entertainment, relaxation and preparation.

Numerous other teams and major athletes float as well! Olympic wrestler and UFC fighter Sarah McMann uses glowspa's float tanks for preparation and recovery! Player Justin James from the Houston Texans uses float therapy for his recovery, he even claims that "floating has changed his life!" 6x time Olympic Champion, gymnast, Aly Raisman also uses float therapy, "I try and float about once a week. I normally sleep in the tank for 45 minutes-1 hour when I use it. The floatation tanks are the best form of recovery out there!"

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