CBR Dog Month: Sign up to Sponsor a Pup! (2018)

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April is #CBRdogMonth which means we're dedicating our runs to our favorite #furryrunningbuddies! Every bar we run to this month will be a dog friendly bar, we'll be fundraising and raising awareness for local shelters, and our very own #furrybeerrunners will be running to raise money for their favorite local shelters!

As part of #CBRDogMonth, pups donate $1 for every mile they run in April to a shelter of their choice (with the help of their humans of course).

Our Furry Beer Runners need your help! Will you sign up to Sponsor a Pup? By signing up to be #CBRpupSponsors, you will be pledging to donate $1 for every mile your pup(s) runs in April. At the end of CBR Dog Month you'll receive an e-mail with your pup's accomplishments and instructions on how to make your donation. 100% of the money raised through this program goes to the charity, and it is all tax deductible for you!

Please help these charitable pups reach their fundraising goals! Sign up now to be a part of #CBRsponsorApup: https://goo.gl/forms/yg5I1JtPIfqnyP6E2


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