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Say goodbye to carwash fundraisers and bake sales. There's a new fundraiser on the block, and it blows old school fundraising out of the water. Want to earn money for your organization while enjoying an epic putt-putt tournament? Book a fundraiser at Charleston Fun Park.

4 Tips for Planning a Fundraiser

  1. Set a goal. Are you raising money for a specific event, or simply putting funds in the bank? If your fundraiser has a specific purpose, calculate how much you need to earn. If there's no immediate need, set a realistic goal for how much you'd like to earn at your fundraising event.
  2. Budget. Add the cost of flyers, food, and other expenses into your game plan. That way you're not surprised by unexpected expenses.
  3. Pick a team. You'll want reliable team members with creativity and determination to make your fundraising event a success. Choose someone to manage marketing, organization and scheduling, and finances. Divvy up the remaining team members based on their individual skills.
  4. Spread the word. What's the easiest way for a fundraiser to flop? Nobody knows about it! If you're a school or church, send flyers home with the kids. Call up parents and invite them to the event. Send emails and handwritten letters. And don't be afraid to rely on social media to market your fundraiser. Facebook gets 1.23 billion users a day. That's a lot of potential donations!

At Charleston Fun Park, we put the fun in FUNdraiser! Your supporters can enjoy hot meals and adult beverages from our snack bar, hang out in the arcade after they finish playing mini golf, and take home fun prizes. But you get the ultimate prize: funds for your school, church, or organization and a great name in the community.

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