Sound Healing

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Facilitator: Mark Patterson

Participants will learn how to use sound to heal, expand consciousness, and manifest using sound. Participants will learn how to develop their own vocal toning for personal empowerment and transformation.

Mark was given the ability to heal others through sound in a near death experience. Mark will share the details of his near death experience and his uncanny abilities with Vocal Toning. Mark is often called a “Human Singing Bowl" as he channels the pure frequency of Crystal Singing Bowls.

He has been a featured and keynote speaker at conferences all over the world. He has been featured in three documentaries, “A Hope for Humanity" (About Psychic Children) Award Winning, “Real People, Real Shifts" and “The Sound of Stillness".

Mark holds a BA in Psychology from New Mexico State University where he also attended Graduate School in Communications. He currently resides in Charleston, SC

What others are saying:

“Mark represents a powerful bridge between the Spiritual Realms and the Earth realm. The amount of reduction in mental and emotional stress is Amazing" Lynn V. Andrews Author, Medicine Woman

“What a Treasure to Humanity" Linda Drake, Author, Reaching through the Veil to Heal

“Wow" Freddy Silva, Author, Secrets in the Field

“Unparalleled Sound Healer" Shelia Reed, President, Illuminati Egyptian Spiritual Travels

“Mark's toning is Amazing, Remarkable and Truly Powerful" Jan Tober Co-Author, Indigo Children

“On a scale of 1 to 10 Mark is an 11, on the level of a Wayne Dyer. Absolutely, Incredible." Dr. Adrian Windsor, founder, and director, The Inside Edge, Irvine, CA.

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