What is Floating?! And why you should try it!

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Let us introduce you to the world of floating!

glowspa is home to Charleston's first and only float tanks! While it may be new to many, thousands of people here in the Holy City have already tried it.

Floating or sensory deprivation has been around for over 60 years, but early on it was primarily found in a research environment. Now these tanks are making their ways into the consumer market and thousands of people are floating each day in float centers and spas all across the country.

Come explore for yourself what this is all about.

It's likely to be the most relaxing thing you'll ever try.

So who floats?


Did you know that athletes of all kinds use the float tank as a means of physical therapy and preparation?! Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry and Harrison Barnes talk about what floating does for them in this video.

And here are what some Charleston locals have to say:

Complete Mental Repose

I Drifted Away at glowspa

Floating Away... Far, Far, Far Away!

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