Delicious, Easy Meal Planning? There's an APP for that!

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What if there was an amazing tool to help you plan a healthy dinner for your family?

I am excited to tell you that there is! The Wildtree Meals APP lets you customize a meal plan unique to your family's dietary needs!

You can find the Wildtree Meals App in the iOS & Android Google Play Store NOW!
When you download the app you will earn a $5 Reward Credit when you spend $50 in your first 30 days by using this referral code:

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Earn a $5 Product Credit every time you SHARE the Wildtree App with your friends & family when they spend $50 in their first 30 days! No limit on how much you can earn! Have 50 friends download & spend $50 = $250 in FREE Wildtree!

Earn 10% Reward Credit on EVERY order! Spend $100 today, receive 1,000 points ($10) off your next order! Track your points in app so you always know what you have!

Completely custom menu builder & planner for you based on your food allergies, dietary restrictions & family's meal preferences!

See all 120 Make Ahead Recipes in the app - and only pick the ones that meet your family's needs and likes! Customize your own Make Ahead Bundle!

Create a collection of favorite recipes and products for easy access down the road!

SO many more that you'll experience yourself when you download!

I am ecstatic to have this new tool to share with you today!

Wildtree is a delicious, healthy and fast answer to "What's for dinner?" We offer Make ahead, Make fresh and Make fast dinner options. We are certified organic, certified GF and allergen friendly.

I would love to help you get started with this amazing company!

Contact me now to Start your business with Wildtree!

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