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I Have a lot of friends who are doing a Keto or low carb eating plan so I have compiled a list of all of our Wildtree products that will make all those proteins you are eating taste delicious so you don't get bored and can stick to your plan! I am happy to answer any questions!

You can find all of the products below on my website

Wildtree freezer meal kit Simply Wholesome

Rancher Steak Rub ~ Great on steaks and veggies!
California Garlic Pepper ~ Great on seafood!
Chipotle Ranch ~ great on chicken or beef
Red Bell Pepper and Garlic ~ makes a great dip or spread
Garlic Galore ~ good on everything!
Herbes De Provence ~ amazing on roast chicken
Cajun blend ~ awesome on fish
Dill Blend ~ delicious with raw veggies
Adobo blend ~ awesome on chicken, veggies, in soups
Garlic and Herb blend ~ great in a cauliflower mash
Ethiopian Blend ~ wonderful blend for soups and stews
Tuscany blend ~ awesome with pork
Pizza Seasoning ~ delicious
Gourmet Sea Salt Five Pepper
Herb Grilling Marinade ~ great for the grill
Organic Coconut Oil

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