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Flex-Able™ is an innovative new approach to fitness and exercise developed by Gentric Isaacson and Ross Couch. With nearly 20 years of training experience between them, Gentric and Ross have come to realize that fitness is no longer about lifting heavy weights or enduring hours upon hours of excruciating cardio. Real health and fitness is about functional movement.

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Flex-Able is a program that has something to offer everyone.

The Athlete: Stretching decreases muscle stiffness, which in turn, places less stress on the muscles. This allows the muscles to require less energy to perform given tasks. This leads to greater athletic performance. Work smarter not harder.

The Office Worker: People who sit for long periods of time develop tight hamstrings and hip flexors which results in lower back pain. Stretching the muscles around your hips relieves the tightness in your lower back allowing you to move freely without pain.

The Senior Citizen: As we age our muscles become shorter and lose their elasticity. Senior citizens begin slowing down their movements and even give up their regular routines to avoid injury and falls as their bodies get weaker. Stretching is an important part of senior's flexibility and will help offset the effects of normal decline in the flexibility of your joints, and help you remain active and independent.

Everyone Else: Stretching properly will improve your posture, increase your range of motion and flexibility, enhance your coordination, improve your circulation, reduce and/or prevent joint pain, and is a great means to provide you relaxation and stress relief.

Schedule a Complementary 30 Minute Demo today and experience how being stretched by a Trained Stretch Therapist can change how you feel and improve your lifestyle.

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