THRIVE Domestic Violence Support Group

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Providing support for female survivors of domestic violence, who have experienced mental, emotional, spiritual, and/or physical abuse by an intimate partner.

Connect in a safe, confidential forum with other women who are experiencing or have experienced violence in their relationships. In an atmosphere of respect, safety, and empathy, draw comfort and empowerment from those who understand. Our vision is to rekindle the resiliency, strength, and inventiveness of women who have coped in relationships that are demeaning and, in some instances, life-threatening. The recognition that other women are available as sounding boards and supportive allies allows a survivor to see other possibilities for herself and, with time and continuing support, to realize a brighter future.

Facilitator: Leigh Wildt,, licensed social worker who works with ThriveSC to provide multiple levels of shelter and transitional housing (short term, 6 months, up to 1+ years) for victims who fall under the umbrella of “domestic violence,” and their children (ages 0-17).

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