July Live Music Lineup

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Shem Creek

6/30: Ellen Drive 10-1am

7/1: Tokyo Joe 10-1am

7/2: Saluda Shoals (duo) 5-8pm

7/3: Jamisun 2-5pm

7/3: Dan's Tramp Stamp and the Money Baggs 10-1am

7/4: The Business 8-11pm

7/7: The Midnight City 10-1am

7/8: Melted Velvet 10-1am

7/9: Jamisun 6-9pm

7/10: Dave Landeo 6-9pm

7/13: LDP 6-9pm

7/14: Soul Fish 10-1am

7/15: Dan's Tramp Stamp and the Money Baggs 10-1am

7/16: Jamisun 6-9pm

7/17: Derek Cribb 6-9pm

7/20: LDP 6-9pm

7/21: Lauren Hall Band 10-1am

7/22: Saluda Shoals 10-1am

7/23: Justin and Randall 6-9pm

7/24: Andrew Beam 6-9pm

7/27: LDP 6-9pm

7/28: The Midnight City 10-1am

7/29: Ellen Drive 10-1am

7/31: Nathan Salley 6-9pm

Bohicket Marina

6/30: Gracious Day 7-10pm

7/1: The Vinyl Countdown 7-10pm

7/2: Tyler Boone 4-7pm

7/3: Rodeo Clown 2-5pm

7/4: Tyler Boone 6-9pm

7/7: Rodeo Clown 7-10pm

7/14: David Higgins 7-10pm

7/15: Josh Hughett 7-10pm

7/16: Melted Velvet (trio) 4-7pm

7/21: Taco Donkey 7-10pm

7/22: Lauren Hall 7-10pm

7/23: Saluda Shoals 4-7pm

7/28: Andrew Beam 7-10pm

7/29: The Goodtime Trio 7-10pm

7/30: Dave Landeo 5-8pm

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