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If you haven't already taken care of your taxes, Pecolia Mitchell at Pinnnacle 1 Income Tax is uniquely qualified to handle all of your tax needs. She is an ENROLLED AGENT (Licensed by the IRS to represent taxpayers) and has years of experience in dealing with all tax matters.

If you file with Pecolia and Pinnnacle 1 Tax Income, you could qualify for up to a $1,200 advance, so why wait? Call Pecolia at 843-552-2454 or drop by her office at 8484 Dorchester Road, Unit B2 in North Charleston. If you Owe Back Taxes, Pecolia can help with that as well!

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For more information on how you can be involved in your community, grow your business and support your school, call 843-991-1686 or you can email ESM at Get the Winning Edge NOW at Edgewater Sports Marketing.

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