Sign Up For Clinic Day-get your pet spayed or neutered for discounted prices.

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This is when we get the clinic for the entire day and you can get your pet spayed or neutered for discounted prices.

Male Cat/kitten Neuter $22.50
Female Cat/Kitten Spay $30.00
Male Dog/Puppy Neuter $32.50
Female Dog/Puppy Spay $42.50
Rabies: $5.00
Dhpp: $5.00 Dog booster vaccine
Bordatella: $5.00 Dog Kennel Cough Vaccine
Fvrcp: $5.00 Cat booster vaccine

  • Payment is due when you pick up your pet the day of surgery.
  • To schedule your pet for a spay or neuter please click the button below.

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The Clinic is the Doc Williams Spay Neuter Clinic located in Goose Creek SC. You are responsible for dropping your pet off and picking them up on time. If you pet is 4 months of age and older you will need proof of a rabies vaccine or you will need to pay for the vaccine on the day of surgery. We are limited to 30 surgeries per clinic day so sign up now, spaces are filling fast.

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