Are Your Date Nights Stale?

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Are you that couple that has become painfully predictable? Are Thursday nights for your favorite TV shoes, Friday dinner and a movie and Sundays lunch with the family? Or are you the partner that everyones gives slack because even your little brother knows your signature “get out of trouble" or “romantic date" date?

Being a couple is hard. On top of the delicate balance of give and take, there's another balance that needs to take place –routine vs variety.


Everyone knows what routine is. It's the comfort of having a basic idea of what's coming. It's knowing you'll get up, have coffee, let the dogs out, eat breakfast, etc. Routines are a beautiful thing; but they can also become stale.

Variety: the Spice of Life

Think about it: what would happen if instead of dinner and a movie you and your better half picked up one of ourUltimate Passes and spent an evening eating pizza, playing games and learning while they might be a great person to plan the rest of your life with, they might not be your first choice for an air hockey partner. Spice it up and have a date night at Charleston Fun Park. Better yet, invite your friends and make it a group date!

Specials, Pizza & More!

We've got the specials to keep even the tightest budget happy and the most delicious, made-from-scratch pizza to keep your taste buds satisfied. Have a soda or a beer (those over 21 only) and enjoy reliving the glory days with your better half.

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