Conversations with a Curator: Archaeologist Ron Anthony on Lowcountry Colono Ware- A Window into the past

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On Friday, September 8, join Archaeologist Ron Anthony as he leads Conversations with a Curator: Lowcountry Colono Ware – A Window into the Past in the Museum Lowcountry History Gallery.

Colono ware, a low fired hand built earthenware, is ubiquitous on both rural and urban archaeological sites dating to the Colonial and Federal Periods. It was originally called Colono-Indian ware by Virginia archaeologists who believed that it was exclusively manufactured by Historic Period Native Americans who sold the pottery to planters and other agents. Today, the term colono ware is used to refer to an array of low fired unglazed historic period pottery produced by both Native Americans and African Americans. Most researchers currently feel that colono ware resulted from a myriad of multi-cultural contacts in the colonial Southeast and Mid Atlantic areas. Lowcountry colono ware is an example of “tangible interaction” among colonial South Carolina inhabitants. Several varieties of colono ware have been defined within Lowcountry South Carolina assemblages and reflect the nature and perhaps degree of cultural contact present from the late 17th into the 19th centuries. A number of these colono ware varieties are on display in The Charleston Museum's first exhibit hall.

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