Ballin’ on a Budget: $20

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We covered all that you can do here at Charleston Fun Park for $10, so now it's time to talk about what you can do for a good ol' Andrew Jackson -$20.

What activities can you do for $20 at Charleston Fun Park?

  • As always, kids 3 and under get FREE admission for our regular Putt-Putt and Jumpland. That's right, unlimited all day, every day, for free! Get some wristbands so your kids can jump on the Jumpcastlethe entire time they are here, while you and your spouse enjoy soft drinks in the shade and have grown-up conversations. For $7 each mom and dad can play putt-putt, too!
  • Drive your kids on the Go-Karts a couple of times and still have money left over to play a few games of air hockey to show 'em who's boss.
    all the fun here
  • Grab a couple of beers and a few rounds on the Mini-Bowling! Keep the fun all for yourself, or you could share with a friend or significant other.
  • Enjoy 2, $7 attractions with a couple of soft drinks to cool you off.
  • Bring your sibling, girlfriend, boyfriend or best friend and enjoy unlimited Putt-Putt for just $20. We have two separate 18-hole putt-putt courses to choose from. Or hey, make it a tournament and do both.
  • Pick 2, $7 attractions and top them off with two round of mini bowling (date night anyone?).
  • We'll repeat this next one because it's kind of a favorite -during the ENTIRE month of October, for $10, you can purchase an 18-hole adventure on our Putt-Putt Pumpkin! Our courses will be decorated with spirit of Halloween and more.

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