Gaming Live! returns to Mt. Pleasant and Ghost Monkey Brewery!

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Add to Calendar 05/06/2017 03:00 PM 05/06/2017 08:00 PM America/New_York Gaming Live! returns to Mt. Pleasant and Ghost Monkey Brewery! Click the link for event details and location.
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What is Gaming Live!?!?

“Gaming Live!” are unique gaming events in the city of Charleston, SC. We provide a selection of Virtual Reality, PC LAN, Console, and Mobile gaming experiences. In addition to the experiences we also provide drinks, snacks, fast and reliable network connection, and an ever growing community of fun local gamers. Each event is a little different, offering both competitive and casual gaming experiences, tournaments, and more! So if you love gaming or maybe you are just curious about VR and want a check it out, we've got a place for you at Reforged Gaming Lounge!

How does “Gaming Live!” work?
Reforged Gaming Lounge posts events weekly on our website and social media pages. You can follow the links provided to confirm attendance and schedule VR experience time.

$20 All-in! includes: 20 minutes of Premium Virtual Reality + Let's go + Tournament entry***

$10 Let's go! includes: Unlimited console time, PC LAN*, and Mobile gaming/Wi-Fi access + Tournament entry***

$20 +20 minutes VR / $50 +1 hour VR**
$10 to enter tournaments (if applicable).

Fun, growing community of local gamers
Fast, reliable network
Sodas (all)
Water (all)
Unique and new locations

*PC LAN Party requires you to BYOC!

**VR Experiences are limited to 2 hours max and additional time can be purchased only if available.
*** If we are running a tournament your entry is included in the Pack purchase! This is provided that you've either pre-registered online or their happens to be open slots remaining.

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