Mama’s Little Luxuries {Coffee in the Charleston Area}

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Life can be hectic, it's exhausting and sometimes I just need a little something for me. This is where my coffee comes in. You see, coffee is my reason to stop for a few minutes and take a deep breath on the porch. It's the little gift I give myself when I'd much rather listen to Pearl Jam but Kidzbop owns my car stereo. It's the little cup in my Target shopping cart that says “You are still a person who deserves love" when I put back the cute, clearance t-shirt I grabbed for myself and replace it with yet another 4 pack of Playdoh. It's a reason to chat with other human adults in a place without an indoor playground and honestly, sometimes it feels good to have something just for me…Something my kids would find disgusting (they are total scavengers) and Lord knows Mr. Sunshine does NOT need a pick me up. Coffee is my little luxury.

I have many favorite spots and I honestly love many types of coffee and espresso drinks. I do make a lot of coffee at home and frequent Starbucks but I like to sip local when I can. We have so many great options in the area.

Here are just a few of my favorites and the favorites of a few of our other contributors.

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