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We are open Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm

Tastings are $7 to taste our 9 wines and keep your souvenir wine glass.

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The wine itself is the only truly native grape to the US, and we embrace it. Remaining true to our predecessors' Southern roots, we grow muscadine grapes, a fruit native to the Southeastern United States. We produce authentic muscadine wine, five different labels from four varieties of grapes. We are hoping to offer some drier options soon so expect some of these to change or for our offerings to expand:

Low Tide - Dried during fermentation, this wine is a bit like an unoaked chardonnay, dry just at the very end. Pairs well with shellfish and seafood.

Driftwood - Vinted by oaking a chardonnay and blending it with our off-dry white scuppernong, this wine is full of a rustic, toasted oak flavor.

Chardonnay - Classic unoaked chardonnay, light in color and flavor, crisp, floral and citrus notes throughout.

Magnolia - A perennial favorite, this wine has a traditional muscadine sweetness in a crisp, white wine that pairs well with fruit and cheese.

Deep Water Blend - Complex. That's the best word to describe this wine, it has a very different nose than it does taste and finish. The long middle on this wine gives it a complex flavor that catches every palate differently.

Lowcountry Red - Similar to a full-flavor but light Merlot or Malbec, this semi-dry red is best served with heavy foods and sauces, comfort foods compliment it fully.

Sea Island Red - A blend of cabernet sauvignon and noble grapes, lends to a full-flavored dry red wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon - Reserve grapes make for a deep flavorful red wine paired best with rich-foods and spicy dishes to bring out the pepper notes.

High Tide - A true dessert wine, this sweet red has a beautiful cherry color and tastes like an amalgam of berries, best with dark chocolate or sharp cheeses.

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